EVENT PROGRAM: Here is the official Event Program for the 2024 XTERRA Dunsborough triathlons and trail runs. This fully explains the event with confirmed schedule, course details, transition areas and more. All event attendees are strongly encouraged to read it before the event. READ IT HERE.

Rapid Ascent has sole discretion to alter or amend the event format or the rules in order to increase the safety to participants or for any other reason deemed appropriate.

The rules of the event are as follows:

  • (all participants) must read and sign the Participant Indemnity.
  • (juniors only – i.e. under 18 on race day)
    • must have their parent or guardian advise the organisers, Rapid Ascent, of their intention to enter
    • parent or guardian must read and sign an authorisation and indemnity
  • (swimmers) must be able to swim 1,500m unassisted in open water.
  • Wetsuits are OPTIONAL for ALL events and age categories. Expected water temp is approx 21 degrees
  • Use of snorkels is permitted in the short course event only
  • Participants must wear competitor identification number plates/tattoos as outlined in the event program
  • Competitors must use the same bike frame and wheels for the entire bike leg. You may receive assistance from other competitors to repair your bike. Penalty for using someone else’s bike frame or wheels and for lending your own bike frame or wheels to another competitor is 60 minutes for the borrower and 60 minutes for the lender.
  • Assistance provided by other competitors is permitted, but is limited to the provision of, drinks,nutrition, pumps, tyres, inner tubes, puncture repair kits and the repair of equipment for safety. Athletes may provide to other athletes competing in the same competition items of equipment, provided that the donor is able to continue with their own competition.
  • No riding is permitted in the TA and helmets must be fastened before exiting the TA.
  • Any competitor who withdraws from the race MUST notify an official. This is an essential requirement to avoid unnecessary searches being conducted and emergency services being engaged.
  • All competitors must carry the listed compulsory equipment for each leg – failure to carry any listed item will result in a 30 minute penalty per item found to be missing.
  • Failure to abide by rules may result in time penalty or disqualification.
  • All entrants are permitted to lodge protests against results or decisions enforced during the event. A judging panel of three Rapid Ascent Directors will adjudicate on all protests and other contentious matters, and their decision will be final.
  • Rapid Ascent has sole discretion to alter or amend the race format or the rules in order to increase the safety of participants or for any other reason deemed appropriate.

Cut off times

There are no cut off times for any of the races (although we encourage you to keep moving all the same!)