Course Description and Maps

XTERRA Short Course

  • 750m ocean swim
  • 15.1km mountain bike
  • 5.1km trail run

The short course event is designed for all athletes – from novices who are learning their way through to who like it short + fast + loud and race at full speed.

Choose your pace and get excitied about racing through a spectacular landscape of crystal clear water, flowing MTB single track and hinterland trails. Open to solos and relay teams there is an option for all racers.

NEW COURSE ASPECTS FOR 2024 compared to 2023:

  • two wave starts – ‘racers’ and ‘recreational’ – 5mins appart
  • a slightly simpler MTB course with more overtaking opportunities
  • a simpler RUN course with less rocks

Short Course map

View the XTERRA Short Course in a larger map HERE.

750m Ocean Swim

We will commence with 2 wave starts with athletes voluntarily alocating themselves to either the ‘racers’ wave starting at 9:30am or the ‘recreational’ wave starting at 9:35am.

Each wave start will commence in waist deep water at the end of the boat ramp for a superb swim through the crystal clear water of Geographe Bay. Completing a 750m single loop swim with a series of right turns, swimmers remain within 200m of the coastline at all times (making for great viewing) whilst swimming over a sandy bottom kept alive with the fluttering of small fish in the shallows.

Exit the water up the boat ramp and enter Transition #1 in the car park just 30m from the water’s edge.

15.1km Mountain Bike

Short course riders will complete a fun mountain bike ride through the Dunsborough Country Club grounds as a single loop that takes in some of the most fun trails in the area.

The MTB course will include heaps of single track but also plenty of over-taking opportunities to allow faster riders through. This course will be technically challenging in spots but there are always easier “B” lines to take if you are not keen on taking the faster and more technical “A” lines. The course has technical aspects and we recommend some previous MTB experience!

5.1km Coastal Run

Exit the transition area (TA) and run through the Country Club on flowing MTB style single track before joining the wider coastal trail that parallels the coast to just north of Curtis Bay. Turn right and commence the homeward leg with a short section of rock and sand. Soon enough you re-join the coastal path, then leave the coast and commence a final climb back to the Country Club and a fast single track descent to the finish chute. Well done!

Course key elements

  • A wide start line for each swim wave start, providing plenty of space for all swimmers. See additional points below.
  • The swim TA is immediately adjacent to the water so there is only a 50m run from water to transition
  • The start, T1, T2 and the finish are all within 500m of each other so there are minimal logistics and it is great for spectators with a great race atmosphere from start to finish

Wave Start Swims

Note the following about the wave starts:

  • Competitors will voluntarily divide yourselves into either wave start:
    • The ‘racer start’ is for those who are here to race and who are more confident swimmers and MTBers
    • The ‘recreational start’ is for more novice competitors who may be nervous about a mass swim start or who are less experienced swimmers and MTBers
  • The start line will be at least 60m wide so will allow plenty of space for swimers spread out.
  • The start will be in deep water so there is no running into the water, minimising any swim start turmoil.
  • The first turn buoy is a significant distance away so there is time to spread out before the first turn buoy.
  • Having just 2 wave starts 5mins appart helps reduce congestion on the course compared to multiple wave starts as there will not be faster competitors (who started later) going past slower competitors (who started earlier)